Industrial Noise Control


Acoustic Enclosures

We Ecotone Systems Manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosures/ Sound Proof Enclosures for Industrial Application in the Field of Steel Plant/ Cement Plant/ Oil and Gas/ Automobiles to Protect Plant Environment From High Noise Causing Hearing Damage, Effect Work Performance.

Room Acoustic

We offers Acoustic Treatment for DG Rooms / Compressor Room / Engine Test Cell. The Noise is controlled by providing Acoustic lining on walls & ceiling, acoustical material will be 48/64kg/m3 rock wool, tissue fiber laminated and finally covered with GI / Al.

Acoustic Attenuators and Louvers

Ecotone acoustic attenuators are us full to reduce noise generated by air or gas flow with keeping the pressure drop as low as possible without compromising the air or gas flow itself , acoustic attenuators or silencers are commonly used in, industrial, power plants, steel plants or mixed applications[

Acoustic Doors

ECOTONE™ Industrial Acoustical Doors are engineered and fabricated for 35 to 52 STC rating depending upon the client’s noise reduction requirement. The acoustical doors are designed for a long time of operation. We have more than 25 years of successful experience in the field of different type of industrial door fabrication and maintenance.

Acoustic Baffles

ECOTONE™ offer a variety of high-performance acoustic hanging baffles in different sizes, shape. The acoustic baffles are useful for many different types of the area i.e. industrial shop floor, Canteen, Meeting room’s food processing areas, indoor stadium

Industrial Noise Barrier

ECOTONE™ Noise Barriers is normally made based on factors, such as aesthetics, durability, maintenance, cost, and the desires of the public.