Acoustic Enclosure for Air Compressor, Air Blower Soundproof Enclosure Manufacturer

ECOTONE™ offers a complete range of soundproof enclosures for Compressor – Air Compressor Sound Enclosure Manufacturer, Soundproofing for Air Compressor to suit any application. Compressor acoustic enclosure can be modular construction to a complete drop-over canopy. We can deliver the right amount of sound attenuation to enclosure your compressor and ensure the noise-free environment at the workplace.

Modular acoustic enclosures are constructed using an acoustic construction panel system for walls and roofs. The acoustic panel can be provided with different STC ratings designed as per the noise reduction requirements. This acoustic panel can be easily and fast installation on time due to their pre-fabricated nature. The acoustic panels can be de-mountable for relocation and re-build in a different location of the compressor.

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