Ecotone- Acoustic Louvers

ECOTONE™ Acoustical Louvers are used as part of the exhaust/intake air system of different equipment i.e. DG room ventilation, Cooling tower, Chillers, blowers, buildings to reduce the noise produced by the system equipment. Different Models are available in varying depths, percent open area and type of blade configurations yielding various pressure loss and noise reduction performance.

ECOTONE™ Fixed Blade Acoustic Louvers are designed for maximum sound reduction. The depth of louver is 100mm / 150mm / 200mm with straight inclined OR ‘V’ type louvers designed for noise reduction up to 35 dB(A). They are aesthetically pleasing and available in various material types intended to be used where space is limited.


1. Generator Room Intake and Discharge Vents

2. Cooling tower / Chiller noise control

3. Air Blower louver enclosure

4. Acoustical Enclosure Ventilation

5. Pump Room / Compressor Ventilation


1. Flanges / Collar

2. Acoustic Baffles

3. Bird Screen

4. Powder-Coat Finish

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