Acoustic Enclosures, Sound Proof Enclosure, Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturers in India, DG Set Acoustic Enclosure, Generator Canopy, Noise Enclosure.

We are leading Acoustic Enclosures Manufacturer-Soundproof Generator canopy For 5 KVA to 2000 KVA DG Sets and Turbine Acoustic Enclosure in India. Heavy Machine Noise Enclosures, Generator canopy, soundproof operator Cabin, and Test Chambers, Sound Proof Enclosure, Turbine Acoustic Enclosure, compressor Enclosures, Room Acoustic, Acoustic treatment For Industrial Noise Control.

We are also India’s leading and reliable manufacturers of plant noise control Acoustic products i.e. Noise Barrier, Acoustic Hanging Baffles, Acoustic hood, echo control baffles for noise echo control on the shop floor. We also design and manufacture Noise Test Chamber, NVH Booth, Anechoic Chamber for Automobile and home appliance testing, etc.

Ecotone Systems provide a wide range of acoustical products which can also be customized as per client’s choice. Our technical team is an expert to resolve your issue and to provide the best solution. Our Acoustic Enclosures comes with the advanced technology by which various kinds of challenges in terms of noise can be combated in a professional manner.

We at “Ecotone Systems” offer structural work designing of machines and generator acoustic enclosures, canopy, soundproof cabin and engineering side support incorporating layout and designing as well work out for acoustical structural and air ventilation requirements without impacting the DG acoustical performance. Ecotone systems offer Sound Proofing Solution for commercial, industrial & residential space. We also deal with Sound Proof Operator Cabin, Acoustically insulated ducts, Acoustic Louvers, Sound attenuators, Sound Proof Doors, Acoustic door, Acoustic Cabins, Acoustic Booth, Industrial Noise barrier to segregate noisy area from silent/office area.


Test Report

Acoustic Enclosures Test Report
Test Report

Type of Acoustic Enclosures

  • DG Acoustic Enclosures

  • Compressor Enclosures

  • Generator Canopy

  • Turbine Enclosure

  • Sound Proof Cabin

  • Industrial Acoustic Enclosure

  • Sound Proof Chamber

  • Machine Enclosure

  • Noise Enclosure

  • Sound Proof Room

  • Industrial Noise Reduction

  • Heavy Machines Enclosures

  • Industrial Noise Control

Technical Features

  • We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of noise pollution.

  • 50 STC Value Acoustic Panel tested as per IS-9901(Part III) – 1981, DIN 52210 part IV – 1984, ISO: 140 ( Part III) – 1995.

  • The Acoustic panels come with the feature of 16 gauge CRCA / GI perforated sheet.

  • Auto CAD facilities will include all kind of piece marked assembly along with the drawings

  • Two coat primer & automotive paint in desired shade

  • Electrical wiring, switch board & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure

  • Air Ventilation System for Fresh air inlet and hot air exhaust.

  • sound Proof Glass Vision panel to see through